Tricky story

Knows as an excentric artist, Tricky has visited us in 2008 and 2010. His artistic views are appreciated by many, although he is often taken as a rather mediocre musician, not quite inspired. Developing obsession for tracks like “Ace of Spades” and other classics, Tricky is also reinventing himself with every album, reaching new grounds with his personality.

Behind the image he created, one interesting fact is the very thing that inspired and consumed him, as an artist: his own life. Other band’s song may represent him, but in the end, his sad story is the thing that pushes him from behind, into the lights. There, Tricky becomes a one man show. Can’t ignore the other artists that have played with him live and in studio, but Tricky is on sick mind that gives you a blowback. Smoking joints, turning his back to the public, singing like he is alone in front of a mirror, inviting the crowd to the stage, all these are part of his joy, on the stage. Laughing or crying on the stage is no longer something different.  It’s like the pain of a heavy burden polished with the futile joy of knowing someone’s appreciating you.

Growing up without parents and suffering from a terrible disease, Tricky’s ascension started early in the 90’s, with the giants from Massive Attack. His solo career is not something to ignore, just because he was kicked out of MA. In fact, his artistic views are rather to blame. And, perhaps, his temper and the way of expressing it.

His lyrics are enough to describe the real fact: that this world is no place of joy, and the romanticized view of a gangster is not real at all!


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